Review for "After Brilliance" from UK music review Leicester Bangs:

Chicago duo Kevin Golden and Claire Kander are the Scuttlebuggs. Golden is a member of Beaten By Yuri, and Kander has provided voice-overs for commercials. Together they make music that brings to mind an array of artists, from the Everly Brothers to Low and The Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers. Folk and country are at the root of their sound, but they’re open to other influences, and “After Brilliance” has been recorded with a full band, including various keyboards, violin, pedal steel, bass and drums.

Both Golden and Kander write the songs, and both sing them. Their “togetherness” is evident throughout the eleven tracks of the album. Often singing together, their harmonies are delicate and graceful, and bring an indie edge to the Americana arrangements. They begin the record with “Outlawz”, a quirky song about breaking the law, which has considerably more in common with Bonnie Prince Billy than Judas Priest. “Combover” arrives fully formed on the coattails of an upbeat country shuffle and “The Kids” warms up with a little psychedelic magic, via Twin Peaks’ Black Lodge, before settling into something quite gentle and positively life-affirming. They end with the beautiful, haunting “Autograph”, which ebbs and flows like a classic Neil Young song. 

                                  Review from A&R Factory "The Wolf" off EP End Of The Itch:

Chicago, Illinois based duo Scuttlebuggs have to be one of the most charming pairing of musicians I have ever heard. The lyrics are bordering on absolute genius, they serve as a punch in the stomach through their pensive penning through a style Nick Cave would even approve of. “Well she calls herself a slut, what kind of slut would believe that she’s alone?” It doesn’t get anymore perfect than that. Genre-wise, Scuttlebuggs skate between a Lo Fi Dream Pop sound and throw in some Folk to perfectly round off their ethereally strange combination of sounds. With their single the Wolf, they well and truly set the rulebook to sound on fire. The power of the Jangle Pop guitar harmonies with a little Folkish flair isn’t to be underestimated.

The Wolf is just one of the standout singles from Scuttlebugs album End of the Itch which is available to stream and download via Bandcamp. The rest of the album is just as perfect as the Wolf, if you like your music a little on the stranger side, you won’t want to miss out on Scuttlebuggs.